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Our Mission

The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation stewards the past and present of the Presidio Neighborhood and inspires preservation advocacy throughout the County in order to create a more vibrant community.


Our Values

SBTHP’s mission statement is built upon four core values our stakeholders expressed for the organization. They see SBTHP as a resource for: 1) Connection, 2) Welcome, 3) Education and History, and 4) Gathering. These principles inform the following Value Statements, which underpin all of the organization’s work.


The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation:


  1. Preserves and stewards the historic resources entrusted in its care at the highest ethical standards.


   2. Promotes the diversity of cultures that comprise(d) the Presidio Neighborhood.


   3. Believes that the knowledge and practice of history is vital to sustain healthy                             individuals, communities, and the nation.


   4. Provides a welcoming and accessible gathering place for Santa Barbarans and all who             visit our community.


   5. Activates the power of places of memory to engage the public with a deeper                               understanding of the past and inspire action to shape a better future.


   6. Values and celebrates cooperation, partnership, equity, inclusivity, and diversity.                     


Our Goals

With this mission statement and these values in mind, the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation will pursue four goals during our 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan:


     GOAL 1: Create a vibrant sense of place and history through an improved visitor                                      experience.


     GOAL 2: Demonstrate progress toward national standards in the history, museum,                                  preservation, and nonprofit fields.


     GOAL 3: Support the Presidio Neighborhood’s growing role as a community hub. 

     GOAL 4: Align organizational resources to most effectively achieve SBTHP's mission.

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