Our Communities, Our Stories


Our Communities, Our Stories is SBTHP’s new immersive field trip experience for elementary school students (grades 3-5) that begins with an interactive tour highlighting the daily life of the diverse communities that lived in the Presidio Neighborhood over time. The tour is followed by a hands-on, student-centered and community-focused activity (or activities) designed to help your students synthesize and build upon the information they’ve learned (both in your class and during their site tour), and it will provide an opportunity for the students to learn more about themselves and their classmates.

Our mission with Our Communities, Our Stories is to contextualize and to help your students critically think about/answer these five questions from the 
California History–Social Science Framework:


  • Who were the first people in my community?

  • Why did people move to my community?

  • How has my community changed over time?

  • What issues are important to my community?

  • How can I help my community?

Hopefully, through their Our Communities, Our Stories field trip experience, students will leave with a deeper understanding of our culturally-diverse Santa Barbara community and its history over time, and a foundational experience that will encourage them to learn/explore more so that one day they can become informed, active adult community members.

The typical Our Communities, Our Stories experience will last 1.5 hours on site, including a 40- minute tour, a 10-minute break, and ending with a 40-minute activity.

If you have any questions, please email Sarah Fenenga, Director of Programs, or call (805) 961-5374.