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La Campana

Members of SBTHP receive La Campana as a benefit of membership. In addition to keeping members informed about SBTHP’s events, programs and preservation projects, this high quality, full color, membership publication includes original research in the fields of history, archaeology, and historic preservation, book reviews, and more!

To view an index of past issues of La Campana, click below. Additional copies or past issues may be purchased for $5. For more information contact SBTHP at (805) 965-0093.

Winter/Spring 2024

Current Issue

La Campana Winter-Spring 2024 COVER.jpg
  • A Message from Executive Director, Anne Petersen, Ph.D.

  • SBTHP Celebrates Santa Barbara’s Asian American Cultures with Year of the Dragon Festival, Mural and Art Exhibition

  • SBTHP’s 61st Annual Meeting & Community Awards Presentation

  • New SBTHP Board Member: Jeff Sherwood

  • Visitor Experience Update: Emerging Partnerships Bring Custom Items to SBTHP’s Gift Shop

Recent Issues

La Campana Summer-Fall 2023 COVER.jpg

Summer/Fall 2023

  • A Message from SBTHP Board President, Michael Arnold

  • SBTHP Brings Back Summer Camps &  Introduces New Public Programming

  • SBTHP Unveils New, Immersive Historical Chapel Wedding Ceremony Experience

  • Presidio Neighborhood Spotlight: Six Months of Great Events

  • In Memoriam: Mary Triplett Ayers

La Campana Winter-Spring 2023 - COVER.jpg

Winter/Spring 2023

  • A message from SBTHP Executive Director, Anne Petersen

  • SBTHP Presidio Research Center Launches Filipino Oral History Project

  • A New Visitor Experience at Casa de la Guerra

  • SBTHP holds 60th Annual Meeting and Community Awards Ceremony

  • SBTHP Welcomes Three New Board 

  • In Memoriam: Elvira Tafoya

La Campana Summer-Fall 2022-COVERpng.png

Summer/Fall 2022

  • A message from SBTHP Board President, Anthony Grumbine 

  • SBTHP’s Holds First-Annual Community History Day 

  • Recent Archaeological Discoveries at 800 Santa Barbara Street 

  • SBTHP Acquires Presidio Neighborhood Program 

  • In Memoriam: Francisco González 

La Campana Winter and Spring 2022 cover.png

Winter/Spring 2022

  • A message from Executive Director, Anne Petersen, Ph.D.​

  • SBTHP updates to school programming amidst Covid-19 Pandemic​

  • Recent research from Kaitlin M. Brown, Ph.D., about the shifting ceramic consumption practices among the Chumash at Mission Vieja de La Purísima and Mission La Purísima Concepcíon​

  • A recap of SBTHP’s 59th Annual Meeting and 2022 Community Awards Ceremony​

  • Tributes to Moises Solis & Gary K. Hart

La Campana SummerFall COVER.jpg

Summer/Fall 2021

  • A message from Board President, Anthony Grumbine

  • Updates on virtual programming and the 58th Annual Meeting

  • Groundbreaking research from Dr. John Johnson about early African American settlers in the Santa Barbara region

  • Update on progress in preservation efforts by Michael H. Imwalle

  • A spotlight on the new partnership with Mujeres Makers Market

  • Tributes to Kellam de Forest and M. Kay Van Horn

La Campana cover Winter 2021.png

Winter 2021

  • A message from Executive Director, Anne Petersen, Ph.D.

  • A programs update

  • Material Markets of the World: Early Finds in the Nihonmachi Archaeology Collection by Koji Lau-Ozawa

  • Progress in Preservation: Jimmy's Oriental Gardens Exhibit

  • Presidio Neighborhood Spotlight: Divinitree Yoga Studio

  • In Memoriam: Judy Pierce

  • Remembering Jack Romero

  • A Tribute to George W. "Bud" Decker, Jr.


Spring 2020

  • A message from Executive Director, Anne Petersen, Ph.D.

  • A recap of the 2020 Annual Meeting

  • The Santa Barbara County Courthouse: A Community and Global Icon

  • A look into the 2020 Presidio Pastimes by Candlelight event held in February

  • SBTHP creates a new Digital Learning Center

  • A tribute to Tim Aguilar

La Campana Winter 2020.jpg

Winter 2020

  • A message from Board President, Debby Aceves

  • A recap of the tenth-annual Asian American Neighborhood Festival

  • Hundreds of local families attend 2019 Dia de los Muertos Craft Day

  • The Olive’s Journey from the Mediterranean to the Presidio Neighborhood

  • Una Noche de Las Posadas fills Presidio Neighborhood with Holiday Spirit

  • Replacing the Presidio Chapel Doors

  • A tribute to Donald G. Sharpe


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