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Traveling Trunks


Traveling trunks are available for school teachers to borrow free of charge. Each trunk includes lesson plans, as well as many interactive objects for students to handle. For more information, or to reserve a traveling trunk, please call (805) 965-0093 between 10:30am and 4:30pm.


Soldado de Cuera Traveling Trunk

This interpretive trunk teaches elementary school students about Los Soldados de Cuera that occupied and protected the presidios and missions through drawings, maps and recreations of items the soldados used in their everyday lives. These items show that the soldados had a myriad of duties. Teachers can borrow the trunk or have it presented by a SBTHP docent. This is the perfect precursor to a classroom tour of the Presidio, as it gives the students a bit of background about the site and insight into the Presidio's daily life. Pair the trunk with the free introductory DVD to give your students the opportunity to take full advantage of their time at the Presidio.


Early California Foods Traveling Trunk

This traveling interpretive trunk introduces elementary school students to different types of food that was prepared and eaten at the Santa Barbara Presidio by Spanish soldiers and their families.  With the contents of this trunk, students will learn which foods were shipped to the Spanish settlers at the Presidio and which foods were grown on Presidio grounds.  They will understand what types of dishes were made in 18th century California, and how those dishes lasted centuries and are still vibrant and present in today's California/Mexican cuisine.

Anza Traveling Trunk (SBTHP photo).jpg

Anza Traveling Trunk

This traveling interpretive trunk introduces elementary school students to the 1775-1776 colonizing expedition led by Juan Bautista de Anza. This expedition brought the first immigrant families from New Spain to populate Alta California, establishing a colony in the San Francisco Bay area. Students learn about the people, landscape, and style of life on the Anza trail through objects grouped into themed sacks.   Themes include “The Spanish Frontier,” “The Anza Expedition,” and “Along the Santa Barbara Channel.”

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